Rally for Cross Roads 2021

Anywhere, NJ

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The Borrero Family

Corine's aside:
Full disclosure - I work for Cross Roads.  I chose to work for Cross Roads because of its mission to offer a time and place apart for youth and young adults (and adults!) to grow as individuals and explore their faith.  Whether it's summer camp or year-round retreat programs, Cross Roads provides a safe space for people to breathe and be.

The pandemic has been hard on a lot of us, emotionally and financially.  Supporting Cross Roads has become even more crucial as camp offers a haven for campers and adults to reconnect and recharge. 

All funds raised go directly to Cross Roads - even registration fees!  Please join us on the day and walk for Cross Roads or support us as we try to meet our $500 goal.
Owen Kari Corine and Juan on the 1st day of school
These people love camp!

Team Members

Name Goal Amount Raised
CORINE BORRERO $100.00 $53.51
JUAN BORRERO $100.00 $0.00
KARI BORRERO $100.00 $106.70
OWEN BORRERO $100.00 $106.70

Our Contributors

Anthony Briggs $106.70
Anthony Briggs $106.70
Ann Mauro & Family $53.51
Scott & Donna Bellows $106.70
Janice Kildea $106.70
Donna Knutson $159.89
Danette Ryan $53.51
Earl Knutson $106.70
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